G4S defends pavement parking practice in Welwyn Garden City

CASH delivery firm G4S has defended its policy of parking on pavements in Welwyn Garden City.

The same van was spotted parking in Bridge Road, outside John Lewis, last Wednesday, having been seen a month previously.

Asked if it was acceptable for the company to flout the rules of the road, a G4S spokeswoman said: “G4S has a duty to ensure the safety of its employees at work, as well as doing all we can to reduce the risk of any members of the public being caught up in a potentially violent situation.

“Sadly, we experience a number of robberies in the UK and our objective is to minimise the time for which either a crew member or member of the public is exposed in this way.

“Therefore, the closer we can park to customers’ premises, the smaller the window of opportunity for a thief.

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“For this reason, our vehicles do on occasion use pedestrian areas and roadside parking nearest to their customer where safe and possible.”

She added: “Of course, we ask our staff to park considerately and where this may cause issues we are happy to review as appropriate.”

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Shaun O’Reilly, chairman of the WGC Society, said pavement parking was a “continuing menace” in WGC.

“Parking on verges and pavements is a real problem in the town,” he said.

He added: “We met councillors about this only last week and are also taking matters up with county councillors.”

A passer-by commented: “It’s a disgrace. Pavements around the town are being smashed up”

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