Former Welwyn Garden City worker becomes driving instructor age 22

AT the age of 22, Scott Hadley could quite easily be thrown into that irksome category of young male driver known as ‘the Boy Racer’.

Indeed, it’s a tag that Scott admits is deserved by some of the more exuberant car enthusiasts in their first few years of driving.

But having become a driving instructor at just 22 years old, a feat Scott reckons makes him one of the youngest qualified instructors in the country, he’s doing his bit to ensure other learners don’t join those much-maligned ranks.

“You can see exactly why the younger drivers are thought of like that,” said Scott, a former Oaklands College student at WGC.

“Some of the things you see on the road are unbelievable. You wonder what people are thinking.”

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For Scott, becoming a driving instructor is a dream job, and he follows his mother and father into the family business, The Hadley School of Driving.

“I love it, I really love it,” he enthused. “I love being out with the guys, and now I’m self employed. I always wanted to work for myself.”

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But does he think he has enough experience to start teaching novices?

“I passed my driving test a week after my 17th birthday, so I’ve been driving for over five years now,” he said.

“I’ve had two people take their tests so far, and both have passed, so I’ve got a 100 per cent record at the moment.”

But despite his new career Scott, who previously worked as a duty manager at Gosling Sports Park in WGC, hasn’t entirely lost his love of life in the fast lane.

“My girlfriend bought me a track day (driving around a professional race track at high speed) so I’ve had my fun on the tracks, but I keep it to the tracks.”

The Hadley School for Driving serves several areas of Hertfordshire, including Welwyn Hatfield and Potters Bar, as well as parts of North London.

For more information call Scott on 07500 703253.

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