Three bulldogs rescued from fire by passersby

Holwell Road, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, a baby french bulldog and two headshots of a man and a woman.

Four people rushed to rescue yelping bulldogs from a burning kennel in Welwyn Garden City. - Credit: Google Maps, Leanne Lewis, Tyler O'Brien, Cliff Judson

Four brave passers-by rescued a group of French bulldogs trapped in a burning shed yesterday.

The pets, which included a puppy, were saved from the blaze in Holwell Road, Welwyn Garden City.

Leanne Lewis, from Stevenage, was driving home at just after 10.30am when she noticed a large plume of black smoke billowing from a house.

She heard people screaming so she stopped her car and ran to the scene. She entered the house's back garden through an open side gate and saw what looked like "a kennel up in flames" and heard dogs crying. 

A boy named Stan attempted to kick down the walls of the kennel but the dogs were still trapped inside.

Leanne immediately called the emergency services: "I ran out to find the name of the road - because I’m not from around here - and there were three lads standing there. I asked them to help rescue the dogs."

John Brinkley, Declan Smart and Tyler O'Brien assisted in the heroic mission.

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Declan ran into the burning shed and got all of the bulldogs out, and the rescuers rushed to bathe the dogs in warm water while they waited for the fire service.

One of the dogs was a puppy that was "seriously burnt". Vets came to rush the dogs to hospital, who were put on oxygen drips, and two fire engines from Welwyn Garden City came to extinguish the fire.

"We have just had an update [from the owner] that the dogs have been seen and treated and are at home with antibiotics," Leanne said.

"I just want to thank Tyler, John and Dec for their help with the dogs today! Thank you so much. I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone.

"I have been to visit the owners this evening and get an update on the dogs. I wish the family well and a speedy recovery from this horrific incident."

Facebook users congratulated the group's heroic actions.

Ellie Stevens commented: "My worst fear is a fire happening when Im not home and my dog being stuck inside. You are all heros! Losing your possessions and home in a fire is one thing but to also lose 3 dogs would be horrendous and unimaginable pain."