Finding out about reflexology in Welwyn Garden City

THIS article involves me lying down with my feet up... so it’s fair to say I’ve certainly had tougher journalistic assignments than this in my career!

But I wasn’t simply taking the weight off my feet during a skive from the office.

I had popped along to Natural Health in WGC town centre for a reflexology session with holistic therapist Sarah Pluves.

And, although the photos may suggest otherwise, this was not – as Sarah terms it – “a nicey, nicey foot massage”.

Rather, it’s a treatment that, although centred on different parts of the feet, actually aids the entire body.

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Sarah said: “Reflexology is the art of applying pressure to points on the feet known as reflex points to bring about an equilibrium in the body.

“The feet are a microcosm of the body and these reflex points correspond to organs, systems and other structures in the body.

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“Where there is illness or an imbalance in the body, there will be a blockage somewhere between that structure and the reflex point and we use reflexology to reduce and remove those blockages, thus bringing balance back to the body.

“The feet can tell an extraordinary amount about one’s health.”

That last statement certainly rang true during my stint in the (very relaxing) chair.

Sarah could tell I had tightness, or ‘congestion’, in my shoulders and lower spine – the exact areas of my body currently feeling the effects of marathon training.

Sarah has been practising reflexology for four years. Her sessions cost from �40.

You can book via Natural Health on 01707 392020, or call Sarah direct on 01992 626603 or 07960 937556.

You can find out more information at or email

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