Fence that blocked public path now removed

Stirling Way Moneyhole park path

This path was blocked by a fence last week - Credit: Hagay Avniel

A fence that was installed across a public path in Welwyn Garden City to prevent people using it has now been removed.

A footpath at Stirling Way had red tape put across and a sign claiming to be private land installed on it after there was confusion over its legal status.

fence blocking path

The path when it was fenced off, though the fence was damaged after it was installed - Credit: Supplied

The alleyway, which provides access to Moneyhole Park, was believed to be land privately owned by Bovis Homes Ltd however Hertfordshire County Council established that the public do have a right to use it.

The confusion is believed to have arisen from the fact that the path was handed over by the developer decades ago but not adopted by HCC.

Therefore it is a public highway, which can't have a fence put across it,  but it is not maintained by HCC.

public path blocked

The sign which stated the path was private - Credit: Supplied

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Speaking before the fence was removed, a spokesperson for HCC said: “There has been some confusion over the legal status of this path, but we have established that the public do have a right to use it."

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