Election blunder leaves Theresa May under siege from all sides in Welwyn Hatfield

PUBLISHED: 17:33 12 June 2017 | UPDATED: 17:39 12 June 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May leaving 10 Downing Street, pictured by John Stillwell/PA.

Prime Minister Theresa May leaving 10 Downing Street, pictured by John Stillwell/PA.

Critics from all parties have excoriated the Prime Minister after last week’s surprise General Election result plunged Britain into uncertainty.

While Theresa May remains in Downing Street, the loss of her parliamentary majority and forced alliance with Ulster unionists have prompted widespread doubts over her future.

Lib Dem Nigel Quinton, who came third in the poll in Welwyn Hatfield, said: “Her campaign was so incompetent it made Jeremy Corbyn look like a better candidate to lead the country, when five weeks earlier he looked totally unelectable.

“The result is a weak and unstable government that seems determined to cling onto power regardless. Mrs May should go now, and she certainly should not use the DUP [Democratic Unionst Party] to prop her up, with all that that implies for the peace process in Northern Ireland - a coalition of chaos indeed.”

Labour candidate Anawar Miah said: “It was a rejection of Tory austerity, cuts to public services and an extreme Brexit that threatens jobs, living standards and workers’ rights.

“The prospect of a Conservative Government propped up by the DUP is a frightening one. It does not bode well for Brexit negotiations, the Ireland question, the funding of our public services and the promotion of progressive values.”

Former Conservative councillor Denns Lewis told the Welwyn Hatfield Times: “It [the Conservative campaign] is a staggering example of incompetence on a planetary scale.”

Welwyn Hatfield Chamber of Commerce chairman Nick Brown, who describes himself as “broadly a Conservative supporter” said: “It [calling the election] was a monumental misjudgement which can only increase uncertainty for business.

“Mr Corbyn clearly believed in what he was saying and frankly our lot did not.”

Welwyn Hatfield Conservative MP Grant Shapps, whose majority fell by nearly 5,000, said: “It is clear that the public didn’t fully endorse any of the manifestos and so we now need to create a programme for government which can secure the majority backing of the House of Commons.

“I look forward to a Queen’s Speech which delivers what people want in the UK.”

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