‘Zero tolerance’ on Hatfield students with weapons

THE new vice-chancellor of the University of Hertfordshire has spoken of his “dismay” after two students were stabbed in a fight on campus.

And he has vowed to expel anyone who commits an act of violence in a zero-tolerance approach to students carrying weapons.

Last Monday, a brawl at the de Havilland Campus in Hatfield involving three students left two in hospital needing treatment for stab wounds.

Professor Quintin McKellar, who took over at the helm of the uni in January, said: “I was dismayed to hear of the serious incident involving a small number of our students.

“Incidents of this kind will not be tolerated on campus. Students who perpetrate any violent acts will be expelled from the university.

“There is a zero tolerance policy towards students carrying knives or other offensive weapons.

“Our priority is student safety and I will not permit the actions of a small number of students to impact upon our wider student community.”

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Prof McKellar also urged anyone who had information about the stabbings to contact the police, or the office of the dean of students, as the uni continued to fully support the criminal investigation.

Meanwhile, students at the uni have reacted with shock to the stabbings.

Rachel Leigh, a 22-year-old humanities student, said: “You never expect it to happen at your uni.

“It’s scary to think this could happen at a place where I have always thought is safe. The campus was definitely a lot quieter the day after the incident and I guess people are just starting to come to terms with what happened.”

Kymberly Cook, writing on the Welwyn Hatfield Times’ Facebook wall, said it was “disgraceful”.

“As a student myself, I feel ashamed,” she said.

“This kind of behaviour is not giving our uni good publicity.”

Three men arrested in connection with the incident are on police bail.