Wide gap in attainment in Welwyn Hatfield and Potters Bar primary schools

Pope Paul Primary School in Potters Bar fared well in the latest league tables. Picture: DANNY LOO

Pope Paul Primary School in Potters Bar fared well in the latest league tables. Picture: DANNY LOO - Credit: Picture: DANNY LOO

How well did your child’s school fare in the latest league tables? We take a look at Key Stage 2 results for schools in Welwyn Hatfield and Potters Bar.

The expected academic achievements of a child is measured on a range of factors.

SATs test children on their English grammar and spelling, reading comprehension and a variety of maths papers.

The national average percentage of primary-age children reaching the ‘expected standard’ is 64 per cent.

That national average is one way that parents can see how a school is doing; by comparing their chosen school with the 64 per cent.

There are 21 Welwyn Hatfield schools which fall on or above that.

Some Welwyn Hatfield schools far exceed the national average such as St John’s Church of England School in Lemsford where 93 per cent of pupils met the expected standard for their age.

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There are six schools in Potters Bar which fall on or above the national average figure.

They are Cranborne, Little Heath, Ladbrooke, the Wroxham School, Cuffley School and Pope Paul Catholic School.

Some Potters Bar schools exceed the national average such as Pope Paul Catholic School, which saw 100 per cent of pupils reaching their expected level.

Ninety-one percent of Brookmans Park School pupils reached the expected standard. Reading and Maths results there are well above average too.

Other schools performing under the expected national average include Oakmere (18 per cent), St Giles School (62 per cent), Watchlytes (52 per cent), Creswick (53 per cent) and Holwell (59 per cent).

We asked the schools performing below the national average for comment and had responses from Creswick and Oakmere.

Creswick headteacher Fay Brett said: “It was a challenging year with a number of factors that have impacted on the results.

“The school are already addressing these and have every confidence that we can move forwards showing improvement this coming year.”

Colin Daniel, chairman of the governors at Oakmere, said: “Although these figures are lower than we would like, they are not reflective of Oakmere Primary School as a whole.

“There are many areas for success in a child’s life and not all of these are measured/reported.”

“Oakmere is an inclusive school where the achievement, attitudes and well-being of every pupil matters.

“Through our teaching, we strive to develop resilient, resourceful and responsible citizens, who want to achieve their best.

“In May 2017 Ofsted found the school to be good and reported that pupils behave impeccably, are taught well and enjoy their education.

“Across the school, different groups of pupils were making good progress and demonstrated positive attitudes towards working hard and achieving well.

“The future for Oakmere looks bright, with predicted progress and attainment outcomes set to rise.”

At the lowest end of the spectrum in the borough is Springmead School, which recently became an academy.

Springmead saw 36 per cent of pupils reach the expected standard.

The writing attainment level of children at Springmead was deemed as well below average.

There are 12 schools in total in Welwyn Hatfield and one in Potters Bar which are performing below the expected national average. The next set of SATs take place in May 2019.