Welwyn Garden City photographers reunite 15 years on

TWO award-winning photographers have joined forces again, after 15 years apart.

IF you were one of the many hundreds of people in WGC who were planning their wedding in the 80s and 90s, then the names David Wheeler and Gary Chilton might sound familiar.

For two decades, David and Gary were the undisputed kings of wedding photography in Times Territory, snapping countless nuptials and studio portraits, and scooping a host of awards for their work.

Working first under the name David A Wheeler Photography before becoming Masterphoto, the duo won the National Kodak Bridal Photographer of the Year Award two years running, and their prolific success was regularly documented in the WHT.

But then in 1996, David and Gary went their separate ways – David into the car dealing business, while Gary pursued his photographic career working with a host of top professionals and picking a few more awards on the way.

But now, after 15 years, the dream team are back together – and looking for a new WGC base.

“Gary left his previous employment in April, and was thinking about what he wanted to do, and I’d always kept my hand in with the photography, even when I was in the car business,” said David, 57.

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“We just met up again and had a chat and thought it would be a good opportunity to get back together.”

With a new website already live, David and Gary – now working as Chilton Wheeler Photography – are on the hunt for a new shop and studio in WGC town centre, similar to the ones they used to own.

“We had a studio in Stonehills, then one in Fretherne Road,” said David. “But the next one is going to be a retail shop plus studio.

“The plan is to get back to creating portrait and wedding photos, but also allow people to come in and turn some of their own photos into a canvas or a cushion.

“Gary’s probably going to be the driving force behind the photography side of things, while I’ll probably manage the retail side a bit more.

“It’s great to be back and doing what we do.”