When do Welwyn Hatfield residents think schools should be reopened again?

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Schools have been closed since early January and will possibly only begin to open in March - Credit: Julia M Cameron/Pexels

Last week on our Facebook page we asked you when you think children should be able to return to school and we received more than 300 comments.

Currently, schools are only open for vulnerable children and the children of key workers.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman recently said: "It’s our intention to start getting kids back to school from March 8."

Though a staggered return for different year groups hasn't been ruled out.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who will give a rough timetable for emerging from lockdown next Monday, said: "The dates that we will be setting out will be the dates by which we hope we can do something at the earliest.

"I think people would much rather see a plan that was cautious but irreversible and one that proceeds sensibly in accordance with where we are with the disease."

The comments from Welwyn Hatfield readers were a mix of those wanting to have kids back in school sooner rather than later and those who think they shouldn't go back before it's completely safe.

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Corinne said: "They need to open immediately and without the harmful restrictions that are currently damaging children. School closures have betrayed a generation."

Janet suggested that kids should be sent back when teachers are vaccinated to keep them safe and well.

Emma said: "After Easter, get more people vaccinated including all school staff and vulnerable parents, too risky otherwise! It may not be a serious virus for children but if they bring it home and infect vulnerable family members could be deadly."

However Samantha believes they should never have closed, she also said: "Please think of those children who are missing out on so much of their education and at the very least think of those children who are falling off the map, being abused and neglected without a proper safeguarding plan in place."

Marie said: "After Easter! I work in a school and have 12 children in my hub. We cannot socially distance with 30 children in a class, it’s hard enough with 12. Give us the vaccine and we’ll happily do it. I want the kids back, teaching online is so hard."