Washing machine invented in Hatfield could transform the washing experience

Teh Zi Chew and his portable Washdy

Teh Zi Chew and his portable Washdy - Credit: Archant

A machine which could revolutionise the white goods market has been developed in Hatfield.

The Washdy, a portable washing machine, has been designed by University of Hertfordshire student, Teh Zi Chew.

It uses ultrasound and negative ions to remove the dirt from clothes.

He came up with his design after getting fed up constantly waiting to build up a full load.

Teh, a 24-year-old product design student from Malaysia, said: “This is not only a new solution for cleaning clothes but Washdy is designed to be seen.

“People hide their large white goods in utility rooms and I wanted to create something that was practical but also aesthetically pleasing.”

Washdy works by putting your clothing into a separate pod and then feeding this into the washing device.

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It cleans garments by immersing them in a tank of water flooded with high frequency sound waves.

The non-audible waves create a scrubbing brush action within the fluid.

He says Washdy’s small water tank holds four litres and has a washing cycle of between 30 and 45 minutes.

He added: “Life is a journey of exploring and I believe design is one of the philosophies that can enhance the experience of life.

“I am very grateful that I have been able to come and study in the UK and for the invaluable experience that the University of Hertfordshire has given me.

“I know it will make me a more successful designer in the future.”