Vet college professor: ‘Science is an international language’

Dr Donald Palmer from the Royal Veterinary College

Dr Donald Palmer from the Royal Veterinary College - Credit: Archant

An academic at a North Mymms-based college featured in a research project about diversity in British science.

Dr Donald Palmer, course director at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), was interviewed by a team from the Royal Society.

The society’s study, in partnership with the British Library, recorded the life stories of 10 scientists from minority groups.

In the footage Dr Palmer said: “My background has not been a disadvantage in terms of my progression, because what you have to remember about science is it is an international sort of language in itself.

“When you go to conferences you’ll see people of a wide variety of backgrounds.”

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And he added: “The perception of a veterinary college may be one of a particular sort of group of people, but you would be far mistaken.

“We’ve got people from a wide variety of backgrounds as academics as well as students.”

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The scientists interviewed for the project described little or no evidence of direct or indirect racism in the British scientific workplaces they worked within.

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