University of Hertfordshire’s helping hand for graduates

ARE you a graduate living or working in the county and need help to manage your career out of the recession?

If so, time is running out to apply to the University of Hertfordshire for free support.

The Hatfield-based uni is working with the Government to provide help through the Economic Challenge Investment Fund (ECIF).

The Fund helps jobless graduates or those at risk of unemployment to get their careers back on track following the challenging economic climate.

The ECIF helps by supporting them to start their own business, change career direction or to gain better skills.

Anusha Everson, director of graduate employment said: “We appreciate that job options for graduates are extremely competitive at the moment.

“We are committed to helping graduates throughout their careers, to be flexible and spot opportunities that live up to their aspirations and transfer their skills more effectively to where the economy needs them the most.”

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Register your interest by emailing the university’s graduate jobs and careers network at

The deadline for applications is March 31.