Schoolchildren get lesson in robotics at University of Hertfordshire

University of Hertfordshire Robotics Workshop

More than 240 children from Hatfield Community Free School attended the workshop. - Credit: University of Hertfordshire

Schoolchildren from Hatfield got a lesson in robotics earlier this week thanks to a workshop at the University of Hertfordshire.

More than 240 children aged seven to 11 from Hatfield Community Free School took part in the interactive sessions, learning how they are built and what they can be used for.

They were also introduced to social robot Pepper from the University’s Robot House, and Kaspar, a robot developed by the University’s Adaptive Systems Research Group as a social and educational companion for children with autism.

“The children took part in some fantastic workshops and had lots of fun exploring robotics,” said Martha Surry, a teacher at Hatfield Community Free School.

“They were amazed by how realistic the robots Pepper and Kaspar were. One child told me that they had learnt about different jobs that use technology and would love to work with technology once they leave education.”