Students visit University of Hertfordshire for career Opportunities Days

DECIDING what you want to do after you leave school can be a difficult decision.

That’s why every year, the Hertfordshire Careers Service organises Opportunities Days at the University of Hertfordshire, for teenagers with learning difficulties.

Students from special schools around the county visited the Hatfield uni, to take part in various workshops designed to help them get a sense of what different professions involve.

WHT reporter Ross Logan and photographer Casey Gutteridge popped in to the de Havilland campus and met a group of students interested in finding out more about working for a local paper.

Ross explained the sort of work that goes on behind the scenes at Times Towers, while Casey showed students how to take a picture, and snapped a few of them taking pictures of some of the other workshops.

Ross said: “It’s always nice to meet these students who take an interest in what we do for a living. They all had a good grasp of what makes a good news story, and they asked some very good, intelligent questions.”

Liz Paisley, head of secondary year at Lakeside School in WGC, helped organise the event.

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She said: “All the students seemed to be enthusiastic and enjoyed the activities going on in the workshops. Overall, they all really enjoyed the day.

“It gives the students a much better understanding of what particular work areas are about, far more than just visiting a careers fair, where they pick up papers about different jobs.

She added: “This gives them a hands on experience of work, it’s much more meaningful.”