Students rubbish cleared from Hatfield

EXTRA rubbish collections around student areas have been a success, according to Welwyn Hatfield Council.

A council spokeswoman said: “The extra service took place over three specific times in the university calendar when students and landlords tend to clear out belongings, resulting in an increase in waste.”

The binmen collected an extra 16 tonnes of waste – equivalent to 31 average Welwyn Hatfield homes for an entire year.

Executive member for environment councillor Colin Couch said: “Some of the issues arise when students vacate their term-time accommodation and present extra rubbish for collection following a major clearout.

“Sometimes this rubbish is a few days ahead of their collection day causing the residential streets to look unsightly.”

? What do you think? Is the area still unsightly due to student houses and their rubbish?

Could the council or university do more?

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