Speeding clampdown held in Essendon

VILLAGERS have once again united behind an innovative campaign to stop motorists speeding through their rural roads – before somebody really gets hurt.

Residents had had enough of cars regularly exceeding the 30mph speed limit along High Road, Essendon, after vehicles crashing and being written off became commonplace.

So in conjunction with the Hatfield Safer Neighbourhood Team, residents set up the Road Action Group, and two police speed check signs were put up to encourage drivers to slow down.

Meanwhile, pupils at Essendon Primary School designed posters and a banner to encourage motorists to think about the consequences of speeding.

In the year since the campaign was launched, more than 40 people have been stopped by police, with some receiving fines and getting points on their licence. Now, children, parish councillors and police have teamed up once again to reiterate the message.

Pcso Tony Bailey said: “As a result of this long-term initiative, we have reduced the number of collisions and residents have said that it has made a real difference to them.

“Unfortunately there are a few people who are still not slowing down, but we will continue to spread the message; road traffic collisions could be avoided by drivers slowing down and driving responsibly.”

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Parish councillor Margaret Titchner said: “By working with Pcso Bailey, residents and the school, we were able to get support and raise awareness of road safety.”

School headteacher Rod Woodhouse said: “We were very keen to support this initiative from the outset as a number of our pupils live in the village and have to cross busy roads to and from school or to get to the playing fields.

“The current posters on display are the second ones that the children have produced, which they worked very hard on.”