Community thanks 'excellent, incredible and amazing' teachers

Primary school

Welwyn Hatfield schools have been thanked by our readers - Credit: Archant

Following a WHT Facebook post that attracted over 200 comments, our community has thanked our teachers and staff that have kept working during the pandemic under very difficult circumstances and in an unprecedented time. 

Staff at schools, colleges, and the university have had to adapt to lessons online, introduce COVID-19 restrictions, cope with cancelled A-Levels and GCSEs and support vulnerable pupils during lockdown and we have made a short summary of how the community feels about that below. 

Sarah Stagg said: "Codicote Primary School have been amazing helping with anything the children need spending their days doing videos, ringing children up and supplying technology. Amazing."

This view was seconded by another mum, who said: "I love how they have handled this all oh and my mini breakdowns so supportive, understanding, and reassuring."

Sarah Glick also put a shout-out to "all the teaching and support staff" at Monk's Walk Secondary School that got 17 likes. She said: "They have done their utmost to teach and support all the pupils at the school. They all deserve our thanks and praise". 

Keelin Maria said how headteacher Richard Curry and the staff at Our Lady Primary School in Welwyn Garden City "are all working so hard in very difficult circumstances". This was seconded by Laura Belton Nieves, Kirsty Gray, Susan Murphy Froome, Helen Ashcroft, Kelly Donkor and Rebecca Head Chapman-Cox. 

Kelly added: "The thought and care they are putting in to look after all of our children and keep the special community of the school alive is so valued and appreciated."

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And Miss Brassington, Mrs Pais, Mrs Badger, Mrs Waugh from St Philip Howard Catholic School in Hatfield were also highlighted by Lenka Piskova Duncan, Shalini Malhotra and Naomi Aitken. 

Ciarann O'Meara also reached out to Miss Hall and Mrs Nash at Oak View Primary School in Hatfield who "have really helped my boys in the last year. Can’t thank them enough". Ms Nash replied saying "how lovely to hear" and thanked the parent. 

While Tracy Chapman used her "shout out" to give thanks to Michelle Dent and her staff at The Hub in Welwyn Garden City "for outstanding commitment to keeping our SEN children safe and happy throughout this Pandemic. She literally has gone above and beyond for my son. I thank you all". 

Leanne Marie, as well as Sophie Mercer Mars and Emma Sparks, talked of how Commonswood Primary School in Welwyn Garden City has been exceptional throughout all of lockdowns, beginning from last March. 

Leanne said: "My children have experienced remote learning and now attending due to me being a keyworker. The school as a whole have handled the situation very well despite being in such difficult circumstances.

"They have made the children feel safe and happy and it's had a huge impact on their mental health and wellbeing! They have gone above and beyond their working hours supporting all the children at home as well as the keyworkers and the vulnerable children. Special mention to Mr Burt and Mrs Barnard who are both my daughter's teachers. Thank you very much!"

Michelle Still said: "The staff at Ridgeway Academy have been amazing", a secondary school also highlighted by Heidi King, Natalie Payne and Hannah Hoad.

And both Sarah Merrigan and Hannah Hoad tried to brighten teachers at Peartree Primary School's day. Sarah said they "are working every day to ensure key worker students have excellent provision and ensuring that everyone at home is also still getting that provision. Particular thanks to Miss Carter, Mrs Proud and Miss Chandarana". 

Jayde Dixon complimented Mrs Willis and Mrs Jackson from Birchwood Nursery, saying: "They truly go beyond and my little boy has come on massively because of them.

Laura Enrico Slee said: "Thank you to all the staff at Stanborough School for all the work and support they have been giving us. Thank you to Mrs John for being so prompt in communicating with us and responding to any concern."

Welwyn Garden City's Attimore Barn Pre-school, Homerswood Primary School, Creswick Primary and Nursery School, Oaklands Primary School, Swallow Dell Primary School, Waterside Academy were also highlighted. 

Along with Tenterfield Nursery School and Sherrardswood in Welwyn, St Mary's School in Welham Green, Hatfield Community Free School, Bishop's Hatfield Girls' School, Ladbrooke JMI School and Cranborne Primary School in Potters Bar, St John's in Lemsford, Onslow St Audrey's Secondary and Countess Anne C of E Primary Schools in Hatfield.