Recycling is easy on paper at Potters Bar school

A PAPER trail could be followed at a Potters Bar school as children were taught about the importance of recycling.

Gemma Godfrey, recycling officer at Hertsmere Borough Council, visited Ladbrooke School to highlight green issues.

She showed the year five pupils how to make paper as a way to recycle old scraps, newspapers and magazines.

Pupils at the Watkins Rise school first shredded old bits of paper and blended them with water in a bowl to make a pulp.

Adding optional paint or glitter for colour, they then lowered a paper-making frame into the bowl to catch a layer of the pulp.

The frame was then lifted and drained, and the layer left to dry.

Gemma said: “Making paper is really fun. The kids love it, and it’s a great way to recycle used and unwanted paper into a brand new sheet or even a greetings card.”

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Teaching assistant Donna Corke said: “Gemma’s visit was very informative and the children absolutely loved making the paper.”