Pupils get stuck into fundraising for ‘life-changing’ Kenya trip

Year 11 pupils with head of A faculty Amanda Campbell and deputy head of 6th form Phil Hobbs

Year 11 pupils with head of A faculty Amanda Campbell and deputy head of 6th form Phil Hobbs - Credit: Archant

Pupils at a Brookmans Park school are raising money for a volunteering trip in Kenya.

A group of 21 Year 12 pupils from Chancellor’s School in Brookmans Park must raise £1,750 each to go on the trip, where they will be helping children in Kenya.

The pupils, who are currently in Year 11, will work with children age four to 15 who are supported by the Walk Project in Nakuru, Kenya. The children live either on or near a rubbish dump, where their families scavenge for items to re-sell.

The project provides them with one meal a day and subsidises their school fees, as their education has to be paid for by their families.

Headteacher David Croston said: “I am delighted that they will have this life changing experience, exposed to the joys and challenges of living in a Kenyan community.

“Chancellor’s students have a strong reputation for fundraising and this is another fantastic opportunity for them to make a positive contribution, this time on a global scale!”

The pupils will be involved in a range of activities to help the community, including working as teaching assistants, multi-sport coaching, and preparing and serving meals for the children. They will also help to build the community by renovating and painting classrooms.

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Ishi, one of the pupils, said he wants to go on the trip because it’s “better to do something once than to hear about it a thousand times”, and for “the mix of fear and fun, and doing something new”.

The trip will last approximately 10 days and will take place on July 22, 2017.

To donate to the pupils go to https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/chancellors-kenya2017