Potters Bar workshop success with pupils

PUPILS have turned learning into a fine art at one Potters Bar school.

Youngsters at Little Heath Primary School were encouraged to express their creative skills at a special three-day art workshop.

The Potters Bar Edition went along to capture some of the fun at the School Road school where the theme was all about ‘flight’.

Teacher Louise Martin, who organised the event, said: “The whole idea is to make the process of learning a lot more enjoyable for the pupils.

“Rather than just reading out of textbooks they are able to actively learn.

“The theme is all about flight and why and how certain things fly. On the first day of the workshop the Key Stage 2 pupils learnt about why birds fly and why humans don’t, concentrating on aspects such as muscles, then the following day they learnt how aeroplanes work and fly and will be making their own.

“We will then create a ‘dogfight’ to replicate scenes from World War One and Two where the children would look up at the skies and see the aeroplanes flying above.”

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In keeping with the ‘flight’ theme, the school’s younger pupils made their own kites, and the year six teacher added: “Our school is working hard to develop our creative curriculum and all the workshops we have link in with learning through creativity.

“All the kids thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and created plenty of mess, but we had a motto if there is no mess then we haven’t done our job properly!”