Potters Bar students test out ‘sun’ bracelets

A GROUP of Potters Bar students have been educating youngsters on the importance of sun safety.

Pupils from Dame Alice Owen’s visited primary schools, including Cranborne School in Laurel Fields, just before the end of term, to educate children on the benefits of sun protection.

The year 10 students gave a presentation, and helped their younger peers make wristbands out of special beads that change colour in the sun, telling the wearer when it’s time to apply more sun cream.

The school visits were the culmination of a partnership between Dame Alice Owen’s and the Royal Society, the national academy of science.

The Dugdale Hill Lane school was chosen by the society for a grant that saw scientists from the Clare Hall Laboratories of Cancer Research UK, in South Mimms, work with teachers to implement an innovative science project.

Students were taught how to calculate the doses of UV that are received during a typical school day and then investigated the effects on cultured skin cells in the Clare Hall Laboratories.