Potters Bar pupils enjoy well-being show

Dame Alice Owen's School.

Dame Alice Owen's School. - Credit: Archant

Students at Potters Bar’s Dame Alice Owen’s School enjoyed a health and well-being show earlier this week.

More than 400 pupils from years seven and eight attended the workshop, which was organised by Hertsmere Borough Council and funded by the Hertfordshire Public Health Fund.

The aim was to help foster greater resilience among youngsters who might feel under pressure to perform well academically, meet family expectations or fit in with their peers.

As part of the roadshow, Arc Theatre performed an interactive play in which each character responded differently to the same challenges and audience members were asked to think about who they identified most with.

Rebecca Young, the council’s policy manager, said: “By encouraging resilience, we’re trying to equip them with the tools to cope better with the world around them, so that they feel more confident and more able to be themselves and follow their goals.”

Dame Alice Owen’s pastoral director, Jeni McClean, said: “The students really benefited from the themes discussed at the roadshow and I’m delighted we were able to work with the council to help make today’s event happen.

“As our students move through the school, like all teenagers, they’ll be faced with different challenges and will have to make difficult decisions.

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“We want them to feel they are supported within the school and the wider community, but also that they can draw on their own skills and resources to make the best choices for themselves and for their futures.”