Polish Saturday school opens in Welwyn Garden City

Standing (from the left): Michal Siewniak, Aneta Wujek, Monika Scott, Iwona Pniewska
Sitting (from

Standing (from the left): Michal Siewniak, Aneta Wujek, Monika Scott, Iwona Pniewska Sitting (from the left): Aleksandra Spasowka, Anna Zielinska - Credit: Archant

Children of Polish immigrants will be able to learn about their heritage and history after a new school opened in Welwyn Garden City yesterday (Saturday).

The Jeremi Przybora Polish Saturday School, opened on Saturday at Holwell Primary School and will run for three hours every week from 9.15am.

The school has been founded by Aneta Wujek, Monika Scott, Iwona Pniewska, Aleksandra Spasowka and Anna Zielinska who all live in the area and have children at Hatfield schools.

They will also act us trustees and volunteer at the school.

“For me it is very important,” said Monika Scott.

“It is easy for children to lose their history when they move to a new country.”

So far more than 75 pupils have signed up to attend which the trustees “cannot believe”.

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“We thought maybe on 30 would join, to get 75 is incredible,” said Iwona Pniewska.

As well as teaching children about the Polish culture, there will also be lessons for parents who want to improve their English at the same time.

Michal Siewniak, of the Hatfield Polish Forum, said: “The aim of the Polish Saturday School is not only to teach the Polish language, but also to bring the Polish and local residents together.”

For more information, or to attend on the day, email: szkola@pss-wgc.co.uk

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