Petition launched against Welwyn Hatfield library services move

A CAMPAIGN to stop library books being locked up in warehouses has been launched.

An online petition has been set up by Liberal Democrat councillor Malcolm Cowan, in response to Hertfordshire County Council’s plans to divide the Central Resources Library at New Barnfield across three locations, to make way for the Hatfield incinerator.

The move would see services such as the mobile library service, schools library service, distribution and technical support and the county art collection moved to a commercial warehouse space.

Cllr Cowan said: “I have been contacted by residents concerned that one of the most important collections in the country will become hidden from view, restricting the work of the many music and drama groups who use the reference, music and drama collections as well as schools, professional musicians and researchers.

“They also wonder if a warehouse would actually be a safe place to keep these collections, which, if they were to be split up, or damaged, might never be recreated.

“What incentive is there to add to and update the present collection if it is kept out of sight?

“We must keep collections intended to be borrowed in a place where people can see them.”

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The council has said books would be available for delivery to libraries on request.

You can sign the petition by clicking on the link above.