Hatfield school’s India fundraiser

STUDENTS and staff brought a taste of South Asia to their school, as part of an annual fundraiser in support of a young boy from India.

Every year, Howe Dell School holds a charity event in aid of the Joe Homan Charity, which sponsors children growing up in poverty south India and Thailand.

For the past five years, the school has sponsored a young boy called Udhayakumar, and has raised money to pay for food, clean water and education.

This year, children dressed up as Indian animals, landmarks or the colours of the national flag, while others wore traditional dress and saris.

Headteacher Debra Massey said: “This year, we have really made this a whole community event, involving parents, neighbours and the school in our India Day.

“The most amazing thing is we have a very high number of families form a really diverse set of cultural backgrounds, and it really enriches our learning.”

There was further good news when Hatfield Rotary Club, inspired by the school, agreed to sponsor a young girl, Pitchaimuthu, from the same south Indian village.