Hatfield’s University of Hertfordshire enjoys competition success

University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield - College Lane Campus

University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield - College Lane Campus - Credit: Archant

The University of Hertfordshire has ranked in the top five of six categories at an international competition.

The Rookies Awards are international awards for young designers, creators, innovators and artists – which aims to showcase outstanding talent emerging from higher education.

Students submitted their work to a professional judging panel, which awarded a score based on the students overall presentation, technical skills, creative skills, industry skills, variety of content, and how suitable their skills would translate into the real world or production.

The Hatfield-based university came first in the Best Next-Gen Gaming Schools 2017 category for their entry Nexus, an open-world exploration and puzzle game created by third year students Chris Pereira, Soul Payne, Akira Yashiki, Fiona Tan and Rene Mitchell Lambert.

It also ranked highly in five other categories: Best Photography Schools (2nd), Best Film Making Schools (3rd), Best Illustration Schools (4th), Best Motion Graphics Schools (4th) and Best VFX & Animation Schools (4th).

Senior lecturer Neil Gallagher said: “Lecturing to a group of passionate students in the art of real time video games creation is a great post to have in life.

“It’s made all the better when your students win your University the Next Gen category award.”

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He added: “Real-time video games are not only a new and evolving platform, but they’re unique in so many areas with constantly new and emerging technologies.

“But we never forget our classical roots in art and design culture and use the technology just as a tool of expression.”