School pupils thank police for their work during the pandemic

Hatfield Police have been given a 'Thank You' book. Picture: Supplied

Hatfield Police have been given a 'Thank You' book. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Archant

Children at Hatfield’s de Havilland Primary School created a ‘Book of Thanks’ for the staff at Hatfield Police Station.

Year 5’s Tilly-Mae Davis said: “I wanted to do the book of thanks because I thought the police are not really remembered in the time of Coronavirus.”

In a letter PC Peter Coy, who received the book, said: “I just want to say thank you very much to you and your students for this lovely gift.

“In and amongst these unprecedented set of social circumstances, it is lovely to think that a group of very kind children are thinking about us, and egging us on to carry on doing as best we can.

“In our job, as you can imagine we don’t meet many people who are very happy to see us.

“So things like this serve as a wonderful reminder of why we do this job in the first place, and that even when it may seem like we aren’t doing any good, that people are happy to have us.”

Lisa Barker a Learning Practitioner at the school, who led this project, said “I have never been prouder of the children at this school.

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“The fact that their learning has had such an impact on the police is amazing.

“The ladies on reception at the police station actually had tears in their eyes after reading the comments and poems.”

The police followed this up with a virtual meeting with the Year 5 children at de Havilland where they shared a short presentation about their work and answered the children’s questions.

The children loved their meeting, according to the school, and are really looking forward to a “real” visit from the police hopefully in the New Year, when maybe possible again to have visitors into the school.