Going back to Nature to teach Kids

A CENTRE that provides support for children through a holistic approach to health and education is in the initial stages of forming a free school.

Independent organisation NatureKids is taking advantage of the new government policy in the hope to set up the school which could cater for up to 45 children in the future.

The group currently gives youngsters, aged four to 16, the foundation in the basics of learning – reading, spelling, handwriting and maths.

However, Felicity Evans, who started the company 10 years ago (which currently requires fees from parents), is searching for interested parties to help take it to the next level – a free school.

“NatureKids provides schooling from a different perspective and we want this to be available to more children, but we need to know if we have enough support to make it happen,” she said.

“The Freeschool will be an extension of NatureKids.

“We will also develop Wonderful Life College for students aged 16 plus and advance the support we share with adults and families.

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“We see education as an ongoing process throughout life.”

Currently based in Essendon, NatureKids is seeking a peaceful, rural base, with plenty of land and room for expansion, in south Hertfordshire for its new free school.

To forge a free school you must fill in an application form on why you want such a facility, what its ambitions and objectives would be and what evidence they have of local need.

Felicity added: “The children who enjoy and benefit from NatureKids are those children who want to come into a new way of being. Each generation evolve and move forward from the previous one.

“Lots of us aim to bring up our children in a different way from how we were parented or schooled, but then end up doing exactly the same things.

“These children will not allow that to happen.

“They are kicking against what doesn’t work for them, sometimes vehemently, sometimes very gently but firmly, sometimes by withdrawing due to phobias or health problems.

“They are sensitive, creative, talented, even if this is masked by initial difficulties in coping with life or school.”

She added: “Children at NatureKids find their individual path.

“For some this may be to overcome, say, dyslexia or delayed language development.

“The children usually become vibrant, happy, creative and then they thrive, often taking massive steps forward in development.

“This is enhanced by our ideas for a healthy lifestyle and natural therapies.

“Whereas some may have been challenging at home, they become delightful because they now feel ‘at one with the world’.”