Explicit Robin Thicke Blurred Lines video sparks ire of Hatfield uni’s ‘Dr Dance’

Robin Thicke serenades model Emily Ratajkowsk in the video

Robin Thicke serenades model Emily Ratajkowsk in the video - Credit: Archant

TOPLESS dancers in the video of a smash hit song have attracted the ire of Hatfield’s Dr Dance – who has berated it on a national magazine’s website.

The University of Hertfordshire-based Dr Peter Lovatt has slammed Robin Thicke’s X-rated clip for single Blurred Lines.

The head of the dance psychology lab at the university in Hatfield claims the video, which sees near-nude models gyrate and parade about a studio, degrades women.

Dr Lovatt, who is known as Dr Dance, wrote a piece for Now Magazine spelling out his concerns.

He wrote: “Thicke didn’t need to strip his dancers to make them look sexy, all he had to do was ask them to dance and they would have looked beautiful.

“People are beautiful when they dance. Had Thicke et al danced too then we would have seen relationships, interpersonal dynamics and, most of all, sexual equality.

“There is nothing blurred about the Blurred Lines video.

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“It objectifies women in the most juvenile way.”

Robin Thicke has claimed the film – which features stunners Emily Ratajkowski, Jessi M’Bengue and Elle Evans – is empowering to women.

The trio only wear ‘nude’ knickers while they dance for Robin Thicke, TI, and Pharrell Williams in scenes too rude to print in a family newspaper.

However, brunette bombshell Emily Ratajkowski does not think the video – which can only be seen online and has been banned by YouTube – is offensive.

The 21-year-old said: “No, I don’t think it deserved to be banned.

“I think there’s different kinds of nudity, and there’s different kinds of sexiness, and obviously it’s hard to distinguish those things.

“I think that the video was tasteful, beautiful, and there’s nothing offensive about it.”