Exciting new facilities for Welwyn Garden City school

Louise Hill and Sam Morfill, from Year 7, oversee the construction of the netball courts

Louise Hill and Sam Morfill, from Year 7, oversee the construction of the netball courts - Credit: Archant

Construction recently began on brand new sports facilities at a Welwyn Garden City school, shortly after the rebranding of the school canteen.

Stanborough school canteen

Stanborough school canteen - Credit: Archant

The improved and extended sport facility at Stanborough School cost £270,000, and will include nine floodlit netball courts which will enable the school to host a number of different activities and sports. It will also improve the experience of players in the Welwyn Hatfield Netball League.

The facility has been financed by fundraising from local businesses, including John Lewis, Henkl, HRJ Foreman Law and John S. Kelnyack Pharmacists.

Welwyn Hatfield Council is working closely with the school to ensure the project’s completion. They have also received substantial support from England Netball and Sport England.

A statement from the school said: “We are excited about the numerous opportunities this will give us to develop sport at school as well as in the local and wider community.”

The new facility follows recent improvements to the school canteen, which was rebranded and relaunched on Monday, February 22.

Hertfordshire catering company, HCL, worked in partnership with the school to give the dining room a high street restaurant feel.

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HCL also launched a new street food concept which reflects the high street trend of introducing fresh, unique flavours of world food to customers.

Quality ingredients are used to freshly cook a range of international dishes, offering healthy choices and good value for money for the pupils.

The concept aims to cook from scratch healthy meals which students can enjoy.