‘Exciting’ ghost film made in Hatfield

Dying Wish was filmed by University of Hertfordshire students

Dying Wish was filmed by University of Hertfordshire students - Credit: Archant

Student film-makers have used Hatfield locations to make a supernatural drama about a friendship that crosses the threshold of death.

Dying Wish, filmed in and around the College Lane University of Hertfordshire campus, tells the story of Evie, a girl whose previously humdrum life is brought to a premature end when she is hit by a car.

Dying Wish, which will be shown at the university in late May, has been made by a group of final year film and TV students, and will be assessed for their degree results.

Returning as a ghost, Evie forms an unlikely if intriguing friendship with Farah, the living girl who moves into her flat,

Evie’s ghost redeems her unproductive life by helping Farah overcome her psychological problems and form healthy relationships with other people.

As the film uses two professional actors in the key roles, the students had to raise £1,400 from friends, relatives and other universities to ensure it was completed.

Producer Tasnim Choudhury, 21, told the WHT: “It has been exciting, but it was quite stressful.

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“We had to get everything right, or ruin our chances of getting a degree.

“We started in November, and our original funding target was £800, which we went way over.

“Some random person from Germany gave us some money.

“We had a professional make-up artist, but she dropped out, so we decided to do it ourselves.”