Einstein wannabes from Potters Bar find out why jelly is bouncy

Balancing books on eggshells

Balancing books on eggshells - Credit: Archant

Inquisitive pupils at a Potters Bar school took up binoculars, magnifying glasses and stopwatches on a special science day.

On Wednesday, March 16, Oakmere Primary School children from nursery to Year 6 took part in a range of hands-on science investigations as they tried to answer tricky scientific questions.

Questions included ‘Which is the bounciest jelly?’. ‘How much air is in my lungs?’ and ‘How much weight does it take to crack an eggshell?’

At the end of the day the children were able to present their findings to parents in assembly. The assembly also featured a machine that modelled sound waves, made by the children from jelly beans and duct tape.

School science coordinator Ian Goldsworthy said: “Science is hugely important at Oakmere.

“Children are often given the opportunity to take part in practical investigations, not least as part of the science club that runs every Friday, but to have a whole day set aside for science is very special.

“You could feel a real excitement throughout the day, as even something as basic as how long an ice cube takes to melt became a doorway to learning about different conductors and insulators.

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“All the investigations that the children took part in were designed to be easy to replicate at home allowing the children to take their learning home with home and demonstrate it to their families.”