‘Don’t use Panshanger Quarry as a playground’ plea

YOUNGSTERS in Times territory are being warned by quarry workers not to trespass on their site this summer after four teenage boys were killed in UK quarries last year.

The ‘Stay Safe’ campaign, launched by the Mineral Products Association last week, has been reiterated by Panshanger Quarry employees in an attempt to prevent serious injury or even death over the coming months.

The quarry, based on the edge of WGC, presents many dangers to unsuspecting trespassers including the ‘silk lagoon’, an area where fine sediment gathers that looks safe to walk on but acts like quicksand.

Speaking with the Welwyn Hatfield Times at the Cole Green Lane quarry, Richard Halderthay, head of communications, said: “In the past we have found trainers left there where people have walked on the ground expecting it to be firm and have begun to sink.”

More on this story will be in this week’s Welwyn Hatfield Times, out tomorrow (Wednesday).