Potters Bar school hosts first Cultural Day Fair

Dame Alice Owen's Cultural Day Fair

More than 800 students took part in the Cultural Day Fair. - Credit: Dame Alice Owen's

A school in Potters Bar has hosted its first ever Cultural Day Fair, with more than 800 students in attendance.

Dame Alice Owen's put on the event, which saw pupils from a variety of backgrounds celebrated their traditions, foods and history with one another.

"I wanted to introduce a day where people could learn not only about other backgrounds, but about themselves,” said student co-ordinator, Tami Osuntubo.

“People really took the chance to connect with others they maybe hadn’t done before which was amazing.”

Headteacher Hannah Nemko added: “It was wonderful to see our young people come together to educate their peers about that which they feel to be at the heart of their traditions and cultures.

“This was a very powerful day which we look forward to building on in years to come.”