Controversial food film in WGC

A CONTROVERSIAL, Oscar-nominated documentary is to be shown in WGC.

Food, Inc. is a film by American director Robert Kenner that examines the truth behind coorporate farming in the US.

It details the hidden practices behind the country’s food supply, depicting shocking images of animal cruelty, food contamination and use of chemicals and pesticides.

Unsurprisingly, it has incurred the wrath of large American food companies, who claim the film is biased and one sided.

But it has garnered considerable praise from critics and Hollywood celebrities, leading to an Oscar nomination for best documentary at the Academy Awards earlier this year.

It has been compared to Al Gore’s award-winning An Inconvenient Truth, and was made by the same producers.

Food, Inc. is being promoted in the UK by the Soil Association, a charity promoting environmentally friendly food and farming across the world.

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The film will be screened at Campus West in WGC next Thursday, April 8, at 8pm.

Tickets cost �3.50 or �6.50. Concessions are �2.50 or �5.50.

Call Campus West on 01707 357117 for tickets.