African adventure for pupils

GIRLS at a school in Brookmans Park have enjoyed a charity adventure to Africa.

The group of nine sixth-formers at Queenswood School spent an exciting three weeks travelling around Malawi and Zambia for the school’s first World Action trip.

Participating in projects, supported by the Methodist Relief and Development Fund (MRDF), the intrepid party immersed themselves in the communities which they went to help.

They worked with HIV and AIDS support groups, helped with maize harvests, met local tribal chiefs and taught in local primary schools – where there are 90 pupils to a class.

Philippa Sex, who led the trip for the youngsters of the Shepherds Way-based school, told the WHT: “Our experiences in the rural communities were truly unforgettable.

“Even in the poorest areas people welcomed us with great warmth and generosity, telling us with pride about their efforts to improve their lives through MRDF development projects.

“Their patriotism, care and concern for all members of their community and incredible sense of purpose and drive were a lesson to us all.”

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She added: “To be so positive and hopeful in the most trying of circumstances showed us how much we have to be grateful for in our lives here in the UK.”

Jessica Barnes, of Coopers Lane, Northaw, said she thoroughly enjoyed the “trip of a lifetime”.

The 17-year-old said: “The children at Mackenzie School were inspirational – always smiling – in spite of the hardships they endure.”

Emma Mottram, 17, of Welwyn, said: “I really enjoyed teaching English to such eager and attentive children.”

Olivia Ip, 18, added: “I stepped out of my world completely and entered into another one. It was a mind-blowing experience.”