A-level results: Sir Frederic Osborn School, Welwyn Garden City

IT seems the �9,000 a year university fees are putting off a few pupils.

Students at Sir Frederic Osborn school, in WGC, told the WHT this morning (Thursday) that their next option will be to attain full-time employment, search for an apprenticeship, or take a year off to gain life experience, instead of looking for a university placement.

The youngsters at the Herns Lane school did not disappoint this year, as 75 per cent students achieved at least three A* to E’s and 49.2 per cent of pupils achieved at least one A* to B (a 13 per cent increase on last year).

There was also a 30 per cent rise in students with at least two A* to B’s (38.5 per cent) and the school also had more than double of its pupil’s gain three A* to B’s, up from 6.4 per cent to 13.8 per cent.

Alan Reid, deputy head teacher, said: “We are very pleased that so many of our students have performed so well. We congratulate them and wish them every success in the future. We are delighted that we have seen a substantial increase in the percentage of awards which have been achieved at the highest grades.”