A-level results 2016: Sir Frederic Osborn School

Megan Frost with headteacher Jed Whelan

Megan Frost with headteacher Jed Whelan - Credit: Archant

Sir Frederic Osborn headteacher Jed Whelan says he is “delighted with the performance of all students”.

Mr Whelan added: “All the hard work and effort put in by students, staff and parents has been recognised in the fantastic achievements of our students.”

Hannah Dykes, who achieved A grades in biology and geography, with a B in chemistry, will now be studying biomedical sciences at Southampton University.

Megan Frost will be going to University College London to study history after achieving A grades in history and English, with a B in French.

Chloe Simson achieved the equivalent of straight A grades in her dance and sports studies subjects and she will be continuing her passion for sports at Bedfordshire University.

Abbie Price was another straight A student in health and social care and dance and she will be joining Hertfordshire Constabulary from September.

Mr Whelan said: “We are delighted with the performance of all our students. Each one of them worked hard to maximise their potential and we wish them all every success in their chosen pathways.

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“We should acknowledge the support they have had from their families and also the tremendous work done by both primary and secondary teachers to prepare students for these tough exams.”

Speaking to the WHT, students spoke of nerves and excitement as they picked up their results.

Ellie Lovelock, 18, who will be studying journalism at City University London, gained a D in geography, B in history, C in PE and a C in extended project qualification in which she made a cookbook.

Ellie said: “I had an unconditional place at uni so I was nervous getting my results but I knew I had got my place and I still wanted to do well in my exams.”

Coner Smart, 18, gained a B in film and a C in geography. He will be studying marketing at Bournemouth University. He said: “My results could have been better, could have been worse. They were what I expected.”

Head girl Megan said: “I’m really excited about going to uni. I think this school has played a massive part in my success.”

Sarah Boyd gained a D in geography, C in media and C in history. She said: “I feel good about my results. I got into the University of Arts London.

“I felt a bit nervous about opening my results today. It’s relief and excitement to find out what you actually got.”

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