Dog groomers open store in Brookmans Park

IT’S a dog’s life for two animal-loving friends, who have gone into business together for the first time.

Amanda Marshall and Jessica Allegri have opened their new store, Groomers on the Green, a dog grooming specialist overlooking the picturesque Bradmore Green in Brookmans Park.

While the joint venture marks the first time the girls have stepped out into a business all on their own, both Jessica, 24, and 28-year-old Amanda are both from a fine pedigree when it comes to dog grooming.

Having both previously worked in kennels, the pair met while both working at GroomArt, another grooming specialist based in High Street, Potters Bar.

“We’d worked there for a long time and we decided to set up on our own and do it for ourselves,” said Jessica.

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“We’ve always worked with dogs. I can’t think of a time when I’ve done anything else.”

Jessica said even after years in the profession, she was yet to find a dissatisfied canine customer.

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“You have to have a lot of patience, and you have to be confident around dogs. You can’t be scared around them because they can sense that.

“The dogs know that we’re handling them appropriately, and we haven’t had to turn one away yet.”

She added that since Groomers on the Green opened on April 28, the business has landed firmly on its paws.

“We’re astonished at how many customers we’ve had. I’m amazed and so is Amanda.

“We had 10 on our first day, and the other day we had 18 dogs between us.”

When you consider that each dog can take up to two hours to bath, trim and groom, then the girls certainly would seem to have their work cut out.

Not that they’re complaining.

“We both get on really well,” said Jessica.

“We’ve been professional dog groomers for a long time, we’ve been in loads of grooming competitions, and we love animals to pieces, especially dogs.”

Groomers on the Green is open from Monday to Saturday, from 8.30am to 5.30pm. Call 01707 656218 to book an appointment.

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