Doctor relives day he tried to save 7/7 victim Susan Levy

A DOCTOR has described the moment he found July 7 bombing victim Susan Levy on one of the stricken Tube trains.

An inquest into the deaths of the 52 people murdered in London in 2005 has this week heard from Dr Alistair Mulchay, who volunteered his services on that fateful day.

Mrs Levy, 53, pictured, had travelled the 17-mile commute from her Newgate Street Village home, near Cuffley, with her youngest son Jamie on the morning of the attack.

The legal secretary had said goodbye to Jamie, who got off at Finsbury Park, while she remained on the Piccadilly Line train which exploded underneath Russell Square.

She was helped by Dr Mulchay who told the inquest: “When we reached the front carriage, there was an horrific scene of bodies.”

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He went on to an adjacent carriage and spoke to Mrs Levy, who told him: “I can’t breathe”.

Dr Mulchay said: “She was short of breath although she was talking to me, she had a fast pulse and clearly had injuries to her lower limbs.”

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Mrs Levy was the last patient to be removed from the scene, because she was nearest the bomb site, and Dr Mulcahy stayed with her as they brought her out to the platform.

He said: “She was showing signs she was about to die on the platform, so we had to resuscitate her.

“I was very pleased at that point we’d managed to get her back from an immediate cardiac arrest situation, to keep her alive and going so she would get a chance of getting to hospital.”

Mrs Levy was taken to Royal London Hospital were her legs were amputated in a bid to save her life, but she was declared dead in theatre.

The inquest, being heard by coroner Lady Justice Hallett, continues.

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