Day 2

Borneo, 5.30pm - Day 2

We are on the move again.

After having a few hours to settle into our hotel and meeting two of our guides we aremaking our way to a cultural evening.

There are a few tired looking faces but the thought of a good meal and a bed to sleep in tonight it is still smiles all round.

Sarah and myself ventured out in the city and found a fantastic food market. Bowls of chillis and fruit and veg of all kind.

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We treated ourselves to a coconut drink. Oily and texture and luke warm it didn’t tickle our taste buds as much as we had expected but it was refreshing in the heat.

We also bought a bag of rambutan fruit for the team. Ramut meaning hair and tan stands for the seed in the middle.

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In true tropical style the heavens have now opened.. Looks like we’ve got a damp night ahead of us.

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