Day 5

Day 5 - A wet day

Today has definitely been a wet day. We’ve passed through the river over 15 times en route to our camp for the night which has been absolutely exhilarating. Julie took the first tumble into the water landing elegantly on her backside but an accidental dip in the river is actually a treat in the humid atmosphere.

The current in the river has been strong but our guides have brilliantly held onto us. Along the way we’ve had to tackle some pretty hair raising terrain with fallen bamboo trees and slippery surfaces but the satisfaction that each and every one of us feels is ten out of ten. The team beat the record time for reaching camp today at just under six hours which has made all the sweat and struggling all the more worthwhile.

Our sleeping facilities for the evening consist of platforms made from bamboo underneath purple tarpaulins which give a lovely pink glow. It lies on the bank of the rushing river which has played such a large role in our day. The sounds are incredible and we are all currently relaxing and contemplating the next part of our journey.

A big well done has to be said to Sarah who became the first one to be targeted by a leech. She cooly let it finish its meal before falling off whilst Julie and I went into a panic. Four members of the team have opted to work on a community project and will be trekking to meet us again tomorrow.

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