Day 7

For the most part the team felt refreshed after a night’s sleep in a bed, even if they were a little lumpy!

Some of us went on a tour of the village, yes, more hills Sarah! It came as a surprise to learn that the braver of the villagers climb the fruit trees on their land and tie string to the fruit so that when it falls it does not hit the ground and roll into a neighbours land which would give them the right to eat it. A very cunning way around the problem. After packing up our bags and collecting the washing from the line we set off in two buses and made our way to our final village, stopping on the way at a market where Anthea bought fried leaves (very tasty) and for lunch. The journey took about two hours and gave us a chance to reflect on our travels to date and see more of this wonderful place. Upon arrival we thought we had been sent to paradise. Our huts, which sleep two, are feet from the seashore and are made from bamboo. However once we opened our front doors we were served with another dose of reality. Many of the huts, which have no electricity, have holes in the floor and walls due to the nature of the construction and Sarah and Andrea had ants all over their floor. Chris and Julie had a spider in the room and were unforuntaley located just by the toilet which has a rather unpleasant odour. But, in true team spirit we helped each other make them homely and the ever lovely guides helped us to put our mosquito nets up. Tea and fried bananas was served to us not long after arriva. Many of us were looking forward to a swim however it isn’t possible to go in a for a dip because of over friendly jelly fish and rubbish that has washed into the cove from other parts of the island. From minute one the locals laughed and joked with us and we can’t wait to work and get to know them tomorrow. As a finale to our day some of us set up some candles under a bamboo shack and had a couple of beers and a good chat. These moments have become a regular thing and have comforted each of us during difficult times. As I put down my blackberry for another day I wonder what’s in store for us all tomorrow and what we will be talking about around the candle light.

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