Cuffley teenager wins stage singing contest

Jaynie Awcock performing in the final of West End Calling.

Jaynie Awcock performing in the final of West End Calling. - Credit: Archant

A talented 15-year-old singer from Cuffley won a national singing contest by performing in front of judges on a West End stage.

Jaynie Awcock won the junior section of the West End Calling contest at The Ambassadors Theatre in London.

She fought her way to the final through two preliminary rounds before triumphing over her competitors.

Jaynie said: “It is a really good experience for anyone who, like me, loves to sing and act. If you don’t get through your first time you can always come back and try again. It is amazing to know industry professionals are watching you and giving you some guidance to make you aware of what you’re good at and what you need to work on.

“When I step on stage all my worries fade away and I just love it in general. I would feel more confident auditioning for drama school now, I now know where I am at.

“I have a great starting point now and I am feeling more prepared. I have made quite a few friends from my time in the competition, and the judges have given me some solid advice.”

One judge said: “Jaynie has a glorious voice. It is so expressive and demonstrates great control through her vocal ability and range. I absolutely loved her performance.” Another said: “For me, the performance was amazing because it was honest and true.”