Policing priorities for Potters Bar and South Mimms revealed

Policing priorities for Potters Bar and South Mimms have been identified for the next three months.

Policing priorities for Potters Bar and South Mimms have been identified for the next three months. - Credit: PA

Selling alcohol to underage children, drug dealing and off-road bikes have been identified as policing priorities for Potters Bar and South Mimms in the coming months.

Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT) are responsible for fixing short and long-term neighbourhood issues such as anti-social behaviour, working with local partners, including the council, to ensure the borough is a safe place to live and work.

As part of their work they engage with the public to listen to issues that matter to them, as well as ask people to submit their suggestions for their priorities through the community voice platform 'echo'. 

A dedicated team of PCs and PCSOs will be working to address policing priorities over the next three months.

The team has received numerous reports of convenience stores in the town selling alcohol to underage youths, as well as Nitrous Oxide cannisters and balloons, resulting in anti-social behaviour in the area,

The team also be investigating drug use and possible dealing on Darkes Lane near to the train station, and off-road bikes speeding up and down Blackhorse Lane, South Mimms and across the surrounding fields damaging the farmland.

Safer Neighbourhood Inspector Rachael Robertson said: “The Safer Neighbourhood Team is committed to addressing these issues that matter to the community.

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“I’d thank people for taking the time to let us know what issues they would like us to focus on. If we know about it, we can work to tackle it.

“Whilst these are reviewed every three months, you can let us know at any time if there’s an emerging issue in your area.

“It’s important to note that some comments we receive are about things that aren’t police matters, such as parking and litter, however we do pass these comments to our partner agencies, such as Hertsmere Borough Council so that they are aware and can look to tackle them.”

*You can use our community voice platform 'echo’ to let us know what you think we should be prioritising in your area. Your feedback will help towards shaping our local policing priorities, initiatives and campaigns. Visit one of the following links and tell us your thoughts:

South Mimms - https://orlo.uk/04Pvl

Potters Bar - https://orlo.uk/2VhYw