Students asked to be ‘respectful’ as neighbourhood noise patrols set to return

The University of Hertfordshire De-Havilland Campus. Picture: Herts Uni.

The University of Hertfordshire provides funding for Operation Balsam. - Credit: Archant

University of Hertfordshire students have been asked to be ‘respectful’ as a service tackling neighbourhood noise is set to return to Welwyn Hatfield later this month.

Funded by the Uni of Herts and run jointly by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and Herts police, Operation Balsam will be running noise patrols from 10pm to 3am between Friday, May 13 and Friday 20.

The aim of the patrols is to improve understanding within the community, including students, of the impact that anti-social noise can have on neighbours.

Geraldine Ward, dean of students at the University of Hertfordshire as called on students to be ‘respectful of residents’, and is delighted to see Operation Balsam returning for yet another year.

“Our student population is a significant part of the community in Hatfield, and it’s important to us that we have a positive and respectful relationship with local residents,” she said.

“We have jointly run Operation Balsam for 14 years and I am pleased that it is returning again. It has proved to be a very successful community initiative, providing a helpful resource for students and local residents alike to voice any concerns.”

“University is an exciting time, and we completely understand that students will want to have fun and socialise, especially after the last two years,” added inspector Andrew Palfreyman, leader of the Welwyn Hatfield Safer Neighbourhood Team.

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“However, everybody has a moral responsibility to respect their neighbours and lack of sleep caused by noisy neighbours can be really debilitating, especially for those needing to get up early for work.

“Operation Balsam has been very successful over the years, and I hope residents are reassured to see it returning again. It is there to help you, so please do not hesitate to make use of it and report any concerns about noise.”

“People can be unaware of the effects they are having on others, and a polite conversation can often resolve the issue. This operation is ultimately about helping everyone enjoy where they live this summer,” added Jo Harding, head of public health and protection at Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council.

Residents can report noise and anti-social behaviour to the police on 101, or to the council on 0800 1114484. For noise complaints during office hours, please call the council on 01707 357242.