Herts drug dealer, 28, from London jailed for more than seven years

Zac Patterson, 28, of Iverson Road, Camden

Zac Patterson, 28, of Iverson Road, Camden, was jailed for more than seven years for his involvement in a Welwyn Hatfield drugs network - Credit: Hertfordshire Constabulary

A north London drug dealer who ran a county lines network in Hertfordshire has been jailed.

Zac Patterson, 28, of Iverson Road, Camden, was responsible for supplying crack cocaine and heroin on the 'AJ' line in the Welwyn Hatfield area.

Patterson pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply class A drugs at St Albans Crown Court on Tuesday, February 22.

He was jailed for more than seven years.

Patterson's dealing was uncovered by police officers who searched multiple addresses throughout north London and Hertfordshire in mid-January.

They arrested Patterson during one of the searches, and he was charged the next day.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Clawson, of Hertfordshire Constabulary, said that Patterson's jail sentence will cause disruption to the drug-dealing line in Welwyn Hatfield.

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DCI Clawson said: "The disruption of this line will make a significant impact on drug use and associated crime in the county.

"It also sends a clear message that drug dealing will not go unpunished and anyone involved will be caught and jailed.

"Exploitation of vulnerable people is just one of the tragic symptoms of organised drug gangs.

"County lines dealers can coerce people into providing a base for dealers to operate or to act as distributers themselves.

"They often use young people to handle drugs and money, drawing them deeper into gang affiliation that often leads to violence and abuse."

Hertfordshire Constabulary said that anybody who would like to talk about their own drug problem can "Talk to Frank" by calling 0800 77 66 00, or visit the website: https://www.talktofrank.com/

They added that if a crime is in progress, witnesses and victims can call 999.