Crime falls at Welwyn North, Hatfield, Knebworth and other Times Territory stations

CRIME is down at most of Times Territory’s railway station car parks, new figures have revealed.

Incident report figures released this month show that crime committed in the First Capital Connect (FCC) car parks at Potters Bar, Welwyn North and Brookmans Park had fallen.

FCC does not run the car park at WGC station [the council-run long stay in Osborn Way] and so does not collect motor or cycle crime data from there.

Overall on the rail company’s network motor vehicle crime, which includes break-ins and vandalism, is down by more than 50 per cent, with 51 offences this year compared with 109 last year.

The results, which cover 44 car parks, are directly linked to steps taken by FCC and the British Transport Police (BTP) to ensure that passengers are kept safe and their belongings protected.

A BTP spokesman said: “Crime committed at First Capital Connect station car parks has substantially reduced in recent years and we look forward to this trend continuing.”