Hatfield black man accuses police of 'institutional racism'

A Hatfield black man wants to speak to the Chief Constable of Herts police.

A Hatfield black man wants to speak to the Chief Constable of Herts police. - Credit: PA

A black man from Hatfield has penned an open letter to Herts Chief Constable calling for action to tackle what he claims is institutional racism within the county's police force.

Writing in the aftermath of two constables being sacked for offences which included racist and sexist comments, Roland Wilkerson wants Chief Constable Charlie Hall to account for the constabulary's actions.

Roland, who has previous made several complaints to police watchdog the IOPC, said: "Now that racist officers are starting to come to light within Herts police, how would you like to have a meeting with myself so I can personally put to yourself on just how BAME people like myself and my family are affected?

"I truly believe that not all officers are racist, but the problem stems a lot deeper.

"If I report something as a black man, nothing gets done. But if my wife, who is white, makes a report then action is taken. What's it going to take to be treated with equality? A burning cross outside my house?"

He added: "I think your officers should be more comfortable around black people and not just assume we are all criminals. You should send out black officers to talk with the community about issues affecting black young people, and take action when officers are racist."

Herts police has agreed to set up a meeting for Roland to discuss his concerns.